香格纳上海 | 5月26日徐震®个展《异形》| 展前采访

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 “Art is alien.” (XU ZHEN®) 


ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present XU ZHEN®’s solo exhibition: “Alien” in May 2018. This exhibition will present the large-scale installations XU ZHEN® made especially for the ShanghART Gallery space, along with his recent paintings and sculptures. This exhibition extends XU ZHEN®’s persistent interest in subjects such as transforming, iterating and evolving the civilisation within the context of post-globalisation. As “Alien” is constructing an impression of the thrilling and the unknown, this exhibition will inspire the viewers’ imagination about future and primitivity. 

香格纳上海 | 5月26日徐震®个展《异形》| 展前采访,徐震,异形,香格纳,ZHEN,文明,装置,没顶公司,Zhen,Alien,绘画

开幕 | Opening

2018/05/26, 16:00

展期 | Duration

2018/05/26 – 07/26 (Tue.-Sun. 11:00-18:00, Mon. Closed)

地点 | Location

香格纳画廊,上海市徐汇区西岸龙腾大道2555号10号楼 | ShanghART Shanghai, West Bund, Bldg.10, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai




As the founder of XU ZHEN®, Xu Zhen has made a career in art for twenty years since 1998. Initially expressing the intimacy and emotion of individuals, then shifting to social issues, Xu Zhen is recently focusing on the difference and creativity among human beings. While his artistic strategies have undergone several changes, it is always moving towards the dynamics of culture. XU ZHEN®’s art has reached issues such as how art deals with the passage of time, and how to create new possibilities while discovering new experience. The three main themes in globalisation, “trade and capital”, “conflict and war”, “evolutionand variation” are gradually becoming sharp focused in Xu Zhen’s works. Accordingly, the collision among three topics results in the figures of “extreme alienation” and “super variant” in his works. For Xu Zhen, "Alien" is not only a representation of the real world, but also anallegory of the future community.  


This exhibition will truly reflect the core of XU ZHEN®’s art through exhibiting how he deals with cultural subjects and their contexts, as well as the new associations and plans he came up with under these circumstances. As the most representative art brand of the period, XU ZHEN® is running the one and only MadeIn Company. Established after the economic crisis in 2008, MadeIn Company is representing a kind of possibility by internalising current circumstances into ideas, and speeding up the art making process in the form of a company, in response to the “symptom of globalisation”.  

徐震® Xu Zhen® | 进化—莫高窟254窟西壁画、塞努佛面具 Evolution

徐震® Xu Zhen® | 进化—莫高窟254窟西壁画、塞努佛面具 Evolution – West Wall of Mogao Cave No.254, Senufo Mask | 2017 | 布上油画 Oil on canvas | 200 x 135 cm


The two pieces of sculptures, Alien 1 and Alien 2, can be traced back to the “Eternity” series of 2013, which combines classical figures of Eastern and Western cultures in a conflicting and integrating way. The aesthetic symbols of eternity and spirituality from the East and West has developed through rich metaphors of colonial history, international configurations, and the future of globalisation in the process of collision. Alien 2 in the same vein of Eternity-(Buddha in Nirvana) juxtaposes two sculpture figures: an “hermaphrodite” from Greek mythology and a servant figure from the Han Dynasty. Moreover, Alien 1 is decoding and recombining the cultural elements to its extreme by recolouring those sculptures, thus the ‘aliens’ and the terrifying power therein are released intensely. By these means XU ZHEN® created a spiritually interactive installation, directing the viewers to a sensitive historic moment; the pressure brought on by those ideological symbols will situate the viewers in conditions that force them to make a choice and a statement. The other section of the exhibition includes several paintings used by XU ZHEN® as installing elements. The “Evolution” series which started in 2007 combines the cultural elements from Dunhuang Mogao Cave paintings and African masks. By painting the ancient civilisation and primitivity still remaining in modern society on the canvas at the same time, this series of paintings create the beauty of harmonious blending across time. The “Fortune” series started from the same period of the “Evolution”series; these painting series, which reconstructs the Neolithic ceremonial jades, opens a path for XU ZHEN® towards abstract expressionism. 

徐震® Xu Zhen® | 运气 11:18 Fortune 11:18 | 2017 | 布上油画 Oil on canvas | 直径 Diameter 250 cm


As “Civilisation Iteration” (solo exhibition in 2017) declares, XU ZHEN® is fulfilling his visions in a progress of repeated feedback. The corporate-typed art production will finally result in a leak in the reality – the unknown condition of getting away from logic and language. The aliens hidden in the exhibition will present infinite possibilities.



展前采访 Interview



Your last exhibition is the "Civilization Iteration" at Perrotin Paris in 2017. Is there any connection between the two exhibitions?

A: 肯定有关系,总的来说都是徐震®关于全球化下对文明改造、变异和进化相关的主题。

Yes, of course. Generally, both of them are Xu Zhen®'s themes about transforming, iterating and evolving the civilisation within the context of globalisation.


Q: “权力”,是我们日常生活中经常遇到的一个概念,我们对它既有所忌惮又渴望垂涎。你怎么理解权力?

"Authority" is a common concept in our daily life. We have both fear and desire for it. How do you think of the "authority"?

A: 权力是生态。哪里有权力哪里就有斗争,哪里有斗争哪里就产生可能性。

Authority is ecology. Where there is the power there is the struggle. Where there is the struggle there is the possibility.


Q: 你的关注点从艺术&商业—后波普—后全球化—文明进程,再到这次的“异形”,你觉得你的创作线索在逐渐触及一个什么样的问题,这些创作方向的转变是怎样一步步带你进入这个问题的?

Your focus is from Art & Commerce to post Pop, to post globalisation, to civilization,and then to "Alien". What kind of questions do you think your creative clues are referring to, how do these changes in direction of creation take you into it step by step?

A: 从早期的反映现实到近期的创造现实,很明显我们的创作不断在表达一个理念,即“可能性”。在不同时代、困境和问题下的可能性。艺术充满未知。

From initially we reflect the reality, to recently we create the reality, obviously, we are constantly expressing one idea – the possibility when facing different era, dilemma and problems. Art is full of the unknown.


Q: 同那些关注点较为前后一致的艺术家相比,你的关切似乎一直在加速更新,这样的状态是这个时代和文化环境导致的吗?

Comparing to those artists who keep focusing on the similar subjects, your concerns seem to update acceleratedly. Does time and the cultural environment lead to your current situation?

A: 我们应该是这个时代最具代表性的艺术现象之一。公司化运营,想法丰富、高产、高效、形式多元、跨界创作等等这些都在我们这里得到了充分的体现。我认为当代艺术需要不断进化出新的方式方法来应对多元、复杂和无法定义的现实。今天精英主义和政治正确越来越盛行且越来越容易被利用,当代艺术会不断有新的任务和激情的。

We should be one of the most representational art phenomenons in this era: corporate operation, rich thoughts, high output and efficiency, multiple forms, crossover creation etc.; these are all included in what we do. In my opinion, contemporary art should keep working out the new ways to deal with the diverse, complex and indefinable reality. Today the elitism and political correctness is prevailing and much easier to be made use of, so contemporary art would have more missions and passion.


Q: 你认为当下这个世界正在发生什么?你怎么理解这样的动向?

What do you think is happening in this world? How do you think of this trend?

A: 一切走向不确定性,什么似乎都可以被改变,世界在走向一个新的面貌。我们当然是要尽力去加速这种现状。

Everything is moving towards uncertainty. It seems like everything can be changed, then the world is becoming a brand new one. Certainly what we should do is to accelerate that.


关于艺术家 | About the Artist

徐震出生于1977年,现工作生活于上海。1998年作为联合发起人创办了上海第一家独立非营利艺术机构比翼艺术中心,同年,他与一群艺术家开始了创作与集体策展的生涯。徐震的创作十分广泛,包括装置、摄影、绘画和行为等种种形式。2001年,徐震以有史以来最年轻的中国艺术家身份参加第49届威尼斯双年展主题展的展出,并于2004年获得中国当代艺术奖(CCAA)“最佳艺术家”奖项。2006年,他作为创办人之一推出网络艺术社区Art-Ba-Ba,至今仍是中国最活跃的当代艺术讨论社区。除艺术家身份之外,他同时作为公司创始人运营着没顶公司,以生产艺术创造力为核心,致力于探索当代文化的无限可能。2013年,没顶公司推出徐震®,专注于艺术品创作和新文化研发。2016年11月,首家“徐震专卖店”于上海开业,徐震®由此进入新的发展阶段。徐震®的作品在世界各地的博物馆和双年展中均有呈现,包括里昂双年展(2013)、纽约军械库展览(2014)、上海龙美术馆(2015)、卡塔尔Al Riwaq艺术中心(2016)、悉尼双年展(2016)、纽约古根海姆美术馆(2017)等。

Xu Zhen, born in 1977, currently resides and works in Shanghai. In 1998 he co-founded the BizArt Art Center, the first non-profit art organization in Shanghai. In the same year, he started making and curating art with a group of artists. Xu Zhen's extensive body of work includes installation art, photography, painting and performance. In 2001 he exhibited at the 49th Venice Biennale as the youngest Chinese artist then he won the top prize at the China Contemporary Art Award in 2004. He was one of the initiators of Art-Ba-Ba, a leading online forum for discussion and critique of contemporary art established in Shanghai, 2006. Meanwhile, he founded the MadeIn Company as a contemporary art creation corporate, focused on the production of creativity, and devoted to the research of contemporary culture’s infinite possibilities. In 2013, the launch of ‘XU ZHEN®’ was announced, a brand produced by MadeIn Company. In November 2016, the first “Xu Zhen Store” was opened in Shanghai; XU ZHEN® has entered in a new stage. XU ZHEN®’s work is exhibited worldwide, including the La Biennale de Lyon, Lyon (2013), The Armory Show, New York (2014), the Long Museum, Shanghai (2015), the Al Riwaq Art Space, Qatar (2016), Biennale of Sydney, Sydney (2016), the Guggenheim Museum, New York (2017), etc..